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Hey, I was wondering if johnny's idols are allowed to sign autographs, take pictures with fans, also, is there a good chance of spotting one of them on the streets. At least Kanjani8 is known for giving autographs and taking pictures with fans to some point.But I think you should avoid asking them if you recognise some of the boys.You can meet Yama P and Kame [and Jin since he lives with P...?] in same train at mornings when they goes to work.He's a lot older now, so if the choose to get back together, I suppose I'm fine with it though, that's their business. And it honestly irks me how most of people seem to not care about the fact that he was illegal/barely legal when they dated. Everytime something comes up (movie drama or single) kame is spotted with a woman.However, I'm not buying the legitimacy of this story. I bet if the genders were reversed everyone would be calling it gross and saying the guy is a creepy pedo, when it's basically the same situation. Because for me, even if they date, it sounds more like "relationship with no pressure for marriage". I don't know why but to me Kame looks good with a girl his age (or a little younger) that koizumi is too old for him...if it's really true and they like each other then that's how it is...it's not true i hope he finds himself a nice girl (his age or little younger) ^^I I totally forgot: what about Kids!It seems she's also living a very full filling private life too.It was reported that she may have rekindled a romance with an old flame, KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi (28)."I think Koizumi-san is getting back together with Kamenashi-kun.

I don't know about Kame's previous relationship, but about the age gap, look at Matsuken and Koyuki's marriage. But Matsuken is an actor, so he has more freedom about relationship. The fact she dated him when he was barely legal (or maybe not even legal), and was SO much older than him irks me.Not because you would get in jail or something but it would put up pretty big hysteria if there were teengirls near and you go ask someone like Akanishi Jin for a picture.So if you want to try, at least do it somewhere were aren't that much people because rampaging fangirls aren't the things idols wants to meet in their free time.i don't know it's his choice..long as he's happy...I still don't like the idea.....It's kind of funny how we rack our brains about things we don't even know for sure.

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