Validating gridview

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One way to solve this problem is add validation control to the Grid View control by converting Bound Fields into Template Fields.To achieve this, you need to click on the smart tag on the Grid View control and select the Edit Columns option in order to launch the Fields window.Figure 1Next step is to define a Table Adapter item representing the logic to access the Production.Product table in the database Adventure Works by using a SQL statement (see Figure 2).Introduction This article is intended to show how to add customized validation features to Grid View control in order to avoid mistakes when the users enter data and violates the underlying business rules.Specifically I'm going to illustrate how to replace Bound Field or Check Box Field default generated fields with Template field in Grid View controls.

Now you can apply this techniques in your own situation.

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to validate data using Rad Grid View. An alternative approach is to use validation on a property level as shown in Example 4.

Rad Grid View exposes a property - Validates On Data Errors - that controls the way the data validation, provided by IData Error Info and INotify Data Error Info Interfaces, is performed. Length When you try to enter an order number that has fewer than five characters, you should see a validation message that is similar to the one in Figure 2. Is Valid property to False, this will cancel the editing process and will return focus to the invalid Grid View Cell. In this case, you need to throw an exception when an incorrect value is about to be set.

It may be set to one of the following values: In R2 2016, Telerik introduced the Validation Type property of Rad Grid View. This results in a binding validation error (Figure 3) and the Grid View Bound Column Base editor will enter into an invalid state.

It provides you with the possibility to choose what type of validation to apply for each instance of Rad Grid View. In the previous examples, the data was validated per cell, using the Cell Validating event or property validation.

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