Peace corps dating

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Sharing pictures and videos has been particularly powerful in closing the gap between our worlds, though nothing that can be communicated on the internet meant as much as Amanda and my family coming to visit me here and seeing everything with their own eyes.Even with these strengths, the challenges are significant.To make it work you will need to both look for opportunities to grow and challenge yourselves as individuals share those successes and failures with each other.Make plans to visit each other, share as many details that will make your world come alive as possible. Talk about your jealousies, but take care that you’re not trying to manipulate the other into being more dependent on you. See these two years as an opportunity rather than a sacrifice.

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Ignoring your emotions rarely makes them irrelevant.

The three factors that I think have made the biggest difference in our staying close and committed, apart from intrinsic relationship things, are clear expectations, shared experiences, and the internet.

We began dating only four or five months before I was planning on going into the Peace Corps, so from the beginning we knew that this was something very important to me and Amanda understood that it was a deep part of my personality and values that I wanted to have this experience.

I’ll give my thoughts here, and then I’ll ask Amanda to reflect and give her perspective too, so that both sides are covered.

Open and honest communication is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a successful Peace Corps long-distance relationship.

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