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, have created little emoji of each other’s faces that they use to further develop their lovingly antagonistic office relationship: Goldman drops a P. face in Slack to try to get his attention; Vogt inserts the Alex face to signify “bad news.” favors a custom emoji of Outward editor Bryan Lowder with a toboggan Photoshopped onto his head; when editors drop into a private group to workshop headlines, they announce their presence with a taco emoji.When my friend Thomas, a 28-year-old designer, started work at a tech startup in San Francisco, he found that the office had customized its Slack to execute an elaborate hazing ritual.First, they programmed Slack so that “anytime I said anything, it came out as a GIF,” Thomas says.“Then they set up a bot to tell me I was fired every time I posted.” Slack’s sway over the dynamics of a workplace is so strong, it’s capable of overpowering the physical design of the actual office.“Like, what are you all saying to each other all secret-like?”) Part of Slack’s impressive command over an office’s culture can be explained by how it gets there.

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But Slack makes the workspace itself feel like a game.

When she thanks Slack Bot, Slack Bot replies, “For sure!

” And when she clicks into Slack proper, she scrolls down an eggplant lane of bustling public channels (mainly for working), intimate private groups (often for socializing), and one-on-one direct messaging (perfect for bitching).

But soon she found herself mesmerized by the look and feel of Slack.

As the Slackbrags mounted, Shah, an associate editor at the , campaigned for her co-workers to get on Slack “solely out of jealousy,” Shah says.

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