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The runners think it's all a zany promotion for Cleese's resort, but in the penthouse billionaires from all over the world are placing high-stakes bets on who will get there first, just for rich-guy kicks.The players: Jon Lovitz is an chintzy, unemployed soccer dad who red-lines his minivan while dragging his family along, on the pretense of a job offer so he doesn't get chewed out for ruining their vacation.Sadly, this lame lampoon makes Spaceballs look like a work of uninhibited brilliance.When the power goes off in their home, the Griffin clan ask dad Peter to regale them with a story (the talking dog Brian had suggested they all read).As far as Milo's concerned, what do moms really know? But all is about to change when Milo's mom is abducted by aliens.Continue: Mars Needs Moms Trailer It's no secret that there's been an unholy alliance between Seth Mc Farlane's Family Guy camp and the usually humorless drones over at Lucas Film.

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Continue reading: Family Guy Blue Harvest Review It's very frustrating. The original Scream was good (although ruined by a sequel). I mean, he's worried what more damage he could do, but it doesn't really bother him.

He catches hell anyway when the car breaks down outside a "white power" roadside attraction and they steal Hitler's limo to complete the pilgrimage. One guy is an over-achieving pantywaist physician (Seth Green, Scott Evil in "Austin Powers"), one's a slacker stuck in a responsibility-ducking rut (Matthew Lillard, Shaggy from the "Scooby-Doo" flicks), and one's a wisecracking lout (Ashton Kutcher's talent-deficient "Punk'd" sidekick Dax Shepard) who is rapidly approaching an age at which arrested development becomes inescapably pathetic.

Continue reading: Rat Race Review A threesome of comedy second-bananas star in "Without a Paddle" as childhood pals (and Central Casting clichés) who reunite after the funeral of an adventurous friend (he died in a parachuting accident) for one "last chance to do something incredibly stupid together" -- they get lost in the Oregon woods while hunting for the missing loot of legendary skyjacker D. But on this boating trip, all of them will overcome their hang-ups and discover that "being alive is the treasure" by way of predictable misadventures: going over waterfalls and having run-ins with bears, a redneck sheriff, heavy-set and heavily-armed hillbilly pot farmers, a mysterious mountain man (wild-bearded Burt Reynolds) and a pair of sexy tree-sitting flower children with shaved pits but hairy legs.

See full summary » The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special brings you the awesomeness of the DC Comics universe of characters as only Robot Chicken can, with amazing guest stars and the stop-motion sketch comedy you've come to love.

Seth Green (from a slew of roles, including parts on Family Guy, Austin Powers, Rat Race, and Bt VS) must be brilliant for having successfully pitched this show to a network.

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