Dating divas makeup tutorial

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Just a few quick strokes with my foundation brush and my face was DONE! Thank you so much bare Minerals for teaming up with us on today’s post!I added some concealer under my eyes , filled in the brows, some light blush, mascara, and ta-da! Apply this to your whole eye area, lashline to browbone.Next take a medium color – light brown for day and gray for night. Make sure you take a clean brush and blend everything in so you don’t have any obvious lines.Also, take a peek at our guide which is full of fabulous organizational tips plus even more links for space-saving items you can use!

The closer you can get them, the more natural they will look and feel. ) Do this when the glue is just barely dried enough that they’re not sliding around, but it’s not set up completely yet (glue has been on your skin for maybe 15 seconds.) If the whole eyelash comes up with the curler, wait a little longer next time. *It can easily can be utilized to make your eyes look BIGGER! The inner corner of your eye will look like a black line stops at end of the lashes unless you fill it in to the corner, and the outer corner of the eye is where you can stretch that beauty of a line out a bit to WIDEN those baby blues (or in my case, baby greens). The mascara binds to both my lashes and the false ones, making it even more secure.

With only 5-10 minutes for my daily makeup routine, an all-in-one foundation is a must! Our favorite part about this foundation is that it has 3 key features rolled into 1!

We are teaming up with bare Minerals today to show you their FANTASTIC new Complexion Rescue foundation that is every busy mom’s dream come true! Which means with 1 step, you can multi-task and speed up your makeup routine to make SURE you aren’t late for your day!

So – try out some of these tricks before your next date night!

I am personally a bit of a make-up junkie and I have A TON of tips and tricks in my arsenal so I will start this off!!!

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