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“Anybody who is exaggerating this tale to climax is also a lying fool, and to call it a blow job is even going a bit far because it was probably the fastest thing I’ve ever seen.

‘The Thing’ was not a thing that Danny facilitated—it was an actual sexual assault, and somehow nobody gives a fuck about that but me.” The “Okay Cupid” rapper further commented on the incident being a sexual assault as she brought up the topic of why the female fan that allegedly performed oral sex on Brown hasn’t been contacted.

Kitty Pryde’s acclaim is a bit more divisive than Brown’s as judged by the reactions to her Okay Cupid video and the comments on this acb thread.

Judging by her twitter feed, she doesn’t seem to care what you or anyone thinks.

The whole interview is great, but here are some highlights.Thursday night, Detroit’s freakiest rapper, Danny Brown, and Florida’s only ex-Claire’s employed rap star, Kitty Pryde aka rap game taylor swift, will be coming to play at Eclectic in their first ever show on the same bill.This is really cool for us and for Kitty Pryde because she is pretty much Danny Brown’s biggest fan.Danny Brown became a critical darling after the release of his album on Fool’s Gold Records in 2011. Wesleyan’s own Guy Fridge and Kilbourne will be opening. We will be selling tickets in Usdan from 12 to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and from to on Wednesday.In the past year, Brown has collaborated with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Das Racist, and Ab Soul. To be sure you get your ticket(s), bring small bills and buy one as soon as you can because they may sell out before you know it.

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