D link validating identity wireless when dating becomes a relationship

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: venerd 6 agosto 2010 Scheda Ethernet Connessione rete senza fili 3: Suffisso DNS specifico per connessione: Descrizione .

: Sitecom 300N Wireless USB adapte r X3 WL-345 Indirizzo fisico.

I am fast running out of ideas and wonder whether the laptop's wireless capabilities simply aren't up to it?

Thanks for any advice Graham Lets start with the wired connection.

What happens if you do a PING from the command prompt, Also a PING Sitecom adaper shows a self configured address which is what I would expect as you have not been able to get it to connect to the wireless.

I have a Win 7 laptop, Vista laptop, XP laptop, Nokia N95 and Soundbridge all connected.

After initially setting up the Win 7 laptop, in the case of the others I was asked for the security code and the connection was duly established.

On the wireless connection, There is a good possibility that the internal wireless card does not talk WPA2.

You could test this temporarily by turning off encryption on the wireless router.

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