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Although more tolerated with younger girls, older female students, especially those over 18 years of age, can be disciplined for exposing their navels on school campuses.

As an example, the dress code of the Sherman Independent School District in Texas requires that "there must be no exposure of the midriff area or undergarments.

The midriff is exposed when wearing a crop top or some forms of swimwear.

When the wearer moves there is a flash of skin, but nothing startling.MELISSA RYCROFT is one of the rare members of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to "make it big" after her time in those painfully tight outfits is over. She was with the squad for two years, and then turned her shot on The Bachelor into a career. I only saw him once during my run as a cheerleader. And in a culture where having enough to eat is not a given, rolls of fat around the midriff are a sign of prestige, rather than indulgence. Torsekar, a paediatrician from India who works in Toledo, Ohio, once told, "It maybe hard for American women to imagine going to work with an exposed midriff, but for Indian women, the midriff is considered no more suggestive than the forearm." and even cover their faces in front of strangers, which enforces the belief that midriff-baring in India has a symbolic, almost mystical, association with birth and life and that the display is meant to emphasise the centrality of nature in the nurture role.Due to modern fashion trends, along with saris, the midriff-revealing ghaghra cholis are also popular.

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