Breast cancer survivor and dating ecdis licensing and updating of chart data and system software

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I slept during the day so I could be awake for my kids in the evening. Although I had chemotherapy and a double mastectomy and had less than a 1% chance of recurrence, it came back. I wasn’t sure if I should buy a lottery ticket or lock myself in the house.I had to continue working full-time to support our family. The weekend after I was diagnosed, I invited all of my favorite women over to my house for wine and snacks. That may have been the last day during the past year that I knew what I needed. This time it also involved my lymph nodes, so we had 12 of them removed as well.However, I don't know how easily I could introduce my body to someone else in an intimate setting.My friends and family have been wonderful throughout this whole experience and it has made it easier for me to discuss these body issues very openly and honestly with others. Between doctors, friends and family, more people have seen my new (and, might I add, nipple-less) breasts than I ever thought possible.

Shyness does tend to go out the window when you start down the breast cancer path, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

I guess where I'm going with this is that, yes, it is scary but so what?

Anyone who has been through this has certainly been through scarier things and lived to tell about them.

Many of us are young, single and have our whole lives ahead of us -- dating, sex and love should not be off the table.

Granted, there is a time and a place for everything, but sometimes you just meet someone or want to continue to look for someone special if that was something you were interested in before you got sick.

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