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They’re headed for a group home (or as Fiona describes it, a prison with kids who lit their parents on fire).Being only a sister, the empathetic social workers can’t even tell Fi where these homes exactly are.Under all the political incorrectness, cynicism and gratuitous nudity is a show about a very endearing family.They’re never going to get ahead in life because this show is too cynical (or some would say honest) to spin that kind of fairy tale.One of these days, his need to be her white knight will not overcome their communication problems.Meanwhile, Debs is saddled with a caring foster mother who calls herself Momma Comolla.

Lip, sneaking money in his underwear, is able to buy them some protection as soon as their den father is gone.

Don’t mess with him unless you want to see the wrong side of one of his many guns. He makes his money through stealing and occasionally working at the local Kash and Grab. Mickey expresses himself through physical violence and has acted out since a young age. Up until their relationship began, Mickey bullied Ian, but now their partnership is the most stable part of Mickey’s life. exploring his blossoming relationship with Ian while keeping it private from his friends and family.

Of all the thugs in Canaryville – and there are plenty – Mickey might be the most ruthless. Though outwardly and aggressively homophobic, Mickey is a closeted gay man, and has disclosed his sexual preference to very few people.

He may be an idiot with his own gifts and life, but he knows how to keep his family out of serious trouble.

The only Gallagher who’s having a fun time this episode is Carl.

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